The stims hit him like a morning star to the face, suddenly it was very clear what he could do, and he wanted to do all of it. With the barest hint of sanity he dove towards the most obvious weakness in the shifting walls of ICE. He also dove towards dozens of other weaknesses, his consciousness splitting inside himself. The many parts of John Hackman pulsed through the multitude of ICE, avoiding some with bits of code John had once used, his memory now perfect summoned into being with a mere thought. Other pieces being broken with casual disregard, everything suddenly simple and immediate. He is somehow aware that two parts of him work together to simultaneously steal from NBN, and then pay them with the proceeds for access.

Then he sees it, the ultimate goal, carefully hidden behind a few pieces of unrezzed ICE. All parts of John Hackman join the attack, and one makes it through, to encounter a screaming bioroid, terrifying beyond all comprehension. He charges onwards, regardless. He must face his fear to find the truth.

A single server, and at the heart of it what looks like a long string of coordinates. Still riding the stims he visualises the coordinates, a face, on the Moon. His brothers face, he knows what he looks like now, now he can find the truth about who he is. He boils with rage, the other John Hackmans furious, but not knowing why, they were going to draw his brothers face on the moon for some terrible movie!

A sudden fear overtakes Johh Hackman: Who am I, and how can I know?

"I AM JOHN HACKMAN!" he screamed, body rigid with rage as he took control of himself again. Except he wasn’t. Thin trickles of blood ran from his nose and left ear, swiftly coagulating with his advanced genotype, but the damage was done. He had lost the part of himself that had seen the first step to finding his brother.