John Hackman stared at his Desperado screen. He had been hacking all night and he was tired. Hacking was John Hackman’s business, and business was good... too good, some might have said. He had been paid more credits than most people would make in a year for just one job. “Easy money,” he had thought to himself at the time when he had read that e-mail. Now, he wasn’t so sure. There was more ICE and encryption protocols than he had expected. John took his sunglasses off and rubbed his bionic eye. He thought of his brother again and then got back to work.

“Maybe it’s time for something drastic” he said out loud in his empty apartment. It was time to call in a favour…

He went onto the secret hacker internet and messaged Noise. “Oi! Virus boy.” Noise hated that name, but John didn’t care. Noise owed him.

“What do you want?” replied Noise.

“I’m calling in a favour. I need your help hacking into a bank” said John.

*sigh* was the only response. Then John saw the word that he knew he would see: “Fine.”

It was on! 

Both of them hacking at the same time made it much easier. They could attack the bank’s defences from two directions. “Divide and conquer” John thought to himself. Noise was the final ingredient that this job needed. The results were delicious. Soon John was looking at the data he was after. Right click; copy and paste. It was that easy. Almost too easy.

Cyberspace alarms sounded! John was prepared for this and pulled the plug on his internet. He hoped Noise had the good sense to do the same. No way to trace something that wasn’t there. The perfect job. The perfect crime. The perfect life. John Hackman smiled to himself, “time to celebrate” he thought to himself. Today had been a good day, and it was just getting started.